Friday, June 29, 2012

Monsters and mountains!

We have just had a visit from our grandchildren and son.  Our granddaughter, 3 1/2, has a very vivid imagination.  We have been plagued by crocodiles in our kitchen during their stay!!  I wonder what she would have said the day this "monster" appeared to be approaching Mt. Rainier.  For those of us intrigued by clouds ... this was a pretty unique one. It was quite amazing to watch.  And of course 15 minutes later - it was totally gone!
Later in the day, as the lenticular clouds over the mountain grew more pronounced, this view from the hill above downtown Tacoma, through the barbed wire fencing, provided a totally different view.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mountains and clouds ... clouds and mountains!

And then it was June!  Not only June but the 3rd week of June.  Sometimes living real life just gets in the way. Going back a few months I wanted to share a February morning sunrise with you. Various clouds were swirling around the mountain and small puffy shapes dominated the sky.  The first image was taken about 8.45am. The second at 10am.  It was as though the mountain was teasing us ... now you see you see me - almost .... now you don't!