Thursday, May 20, 2010

Third Thursday in Tacoma

It is Art Walk in Tacoma and we took the opportunity to visit three galleries tonight.  At Peter MacDonald's Brick House Gallery on Fawcett Street longtime local artist Bill Colby was showing a broad range of his work. I was fascinated by a wood block print, with the carved block mounted on the wall above, made by Bill in 1960! This exhibition focuses on Bills' printmaking.
Seeing artists who have continued to evolve and grow in their work is mighty encouraging and Bill Colby is an inspiration to us all. In the accompanying photo he and Peter greet a guest.
You can visit the Brick House Gallery at 1123 Fawcett Avenue on Third Thursdays or by appointment at (253) 627 0426.

Photographer Boyd White has spent the past four years documenting homelessness in the Northwest, as well as in other areas of the country. At Tacoma Art Place nineteen of Boyd's evocative black and white photos are showing.
They are thoughtful, beautifully composed images of a part of life about which no one community seems to have an answer.  The world over, homelessness is an issue and many ideas are put forward but the challenges continue.  Do stop by Tacoma Art Place, consider buying one of their new t-shirts promoting TAP and see Boyd's images.

Tacoma Art Place is a completely volunteer-run non-profit. Our financial survival depends on your contributions and memberships. Please help us start the year off right by making a contribution. You can do so by visiting TAP or online via PayPal. Your contributions are tax deductible and absolutely essential to keep the sort of art access that TAP offers in your community.

 Seated in the window of the Fulcrum Gallery on Martin Luther King Way were three young women who are very active in the arts community in Tacoma. Megan, Heidi and Ellen good naturedly allowed me to take their photo with Jeremy Mangan (the featured artist at the gallery) in the red shirt behind them.  The clouds, trees and my reflection in the window are NOT part of the artwork - but they do make for an interesting image.  However the life sized painting of the famed horse of Troy is part of the exhibition and that and the other works in the show make it worthwhile a visit. Jeremy will give a talk about his work at the gallery on June 17th - 6-9pm. See the gallery website for details.

Walking into the Fulcrum Gallery  I was wowed by artist Elaine Vogel's fabulous coat.  Created by Lynn Di Nino (well known Northwest artist who seems to be able to do just about anything when it comes to art !) it is made from Goodwill sweaters and other garments she has paired to great effect, AND to great compliments from the viewing audience!

Gathering skies with fantastic shades of grey and black seemed like a good idea for us to think about making our way someplace to eat.
Dashing through a torrential downpour, water was careening off the sides of buildings like huge waterfalls. Leaping across the overflowing gutters we made our way to LeLe Restaurant, ate our fill of #54 (THE eggplant dish) and a wonderful curry while we dried out.

Great Art and great food ARE available in Tacoma, WA!

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