Friday, July 2, 2010

A July Day on Puget Sound!

Within an hour today, July 2nd, our summer weather again let us know that this is not a usual year!  The ornamental grasses in our front yard were totally weighed down by the water from a downpour.  Later, we looked west and watched, with the sun low in a both black and brilliant sky, as a storm made its way across Puget Sound toward us.  Minutes later, it was raining so hard we had difficulty seeing.  This was all followed by one of the more brilliant rainbows we have ever seen.
Such is an early summer day on Puget Sound.
Meanwhile, the brilliantly eccentric plant known as bee balm (botanical name Monarda - I call it the plant having a bad hair day ) blooms like crazy and grows taller each day - spectacular crimson against the "summer" - very stormy - backdrop.

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