Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Traveling in Asia one sometimes finds oneself standing in front of a sign which may make totally good sense in the language of the country.  I have experienced signs like the one above (note the very English royal crown on the left and the ? ball of yarn on the right ) which totally confound ones ability to understand just what is being said.  When I asked our guide to please translate what this sign said (on a street corner in Zhongdian)  I was staggered to find that it was about investing money in the building that was under construction and the amount of return you could expect for your money!
"Polystone brand strategy for dissemination will be the height of the existing communication structure unification means to create structure unification"
... is what the sign said in English ... well certainly Chinglish!

A small cafe in the old section of Zhongdian

Delighted Cafe!

Don't fall down the stairs  - at the top of a flight of stairs.
A closeup of the exhortation placed all around Lijiang

And perhaps most mysterious of all in a hotel room

The Security Scattering Sketch reads - exactly as written below:
•  " Declaration
•  Please don't worry if a fire is occuring We hotel have owned superior scattering facilities to ansure you transmitted safely.
•  Please follow the direction route to the information corridor and there safeguards will take you out to the security belts.
•  Red point stand for where you are now."

Many times we found ourselves perplexed by the signage and its possible meaning.  At the same time we commented about the incredible changes occurring in China and wondered aloud why there were not people translating signage from the Chinese characters to correct (or even understandable) English particularly when so many young people there speak excellent English?
We didn't take it but we sure wondered where it went!

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