Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When Nature Amazes one more time!

What kind of moth could this be?

Indian Paintbrush flowers at Paradise, Mt. Rainier

Bear Grass at Mt. Rainier

Not one, or two, or even ten,  but a field of Avalanche lilies
Living, as I do, in the Pacific Northwest corner of the United States, being overwhelmed by yet another astounding display by Mother Nature is not a rare occurence.  The mountain at the end of my garden provides almost daily opportunities for "Would you look at THAT!" experiences ... that is except when it isn't visible at all.
Late one evening a week ago there was a great fluttering in my kitchen and when it stopped the amazing moth, in the first image, was resting on the terra cotta colored wall. The blue "eyes" on it's wings one almost expected to blink ... so eye-like were they.  My grandchildren were here for overnight so we captured the creature in a container and released it the next morning for them to see, and for them watch it fly away.  But not before we had captured its photo.  I'm sure someone knows what kind of moth it is ... but I haven't found anyone who knows - yet!
Then last week on a three day stay at the lodge at Paradise, in the Mt. Rainier National Park we experienced the wonder of wildflowers that magically appear as the snows melt ... but this year it was carpets of wildflowers. Never before had I seen more than a few Avalanche lilies in one place. But this year just above the lodge on the way to Myrtle Falls I came across a huge field of them ... it was heartstoppingly beautiful. 
I'm always amazed when the throngs of people who come to "see" the areas around Mt. Rainier ... seem dogged in their pursuit of getting to the end of a trail, or to a certain peak, or to see it all ... totally miss the small things at their feet ... like a field of lilies or the perfume of the lupine carpeting a hillside.
I probably took enough photos for all the people who just trotted on by .... and Nature left me amazed one more time. Little did I know that when I took the photo below of the single avalanche lily, amazing in it's isolation and perfect beauty, there was a whole field waiting for just up the path.

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