Thursday, November 15, 2012

Far from the end of my garden ... storage tanks appeared!

 Not really visible from my garden, but for the past few weeks I have watched, fascinated, the construction of a group of  enormous storage tanks on Port of Tacoma tideflats land. I see them as I drive from my home into the city of Tacoma.  It seems as though they appeared overnight! I am sure it was just that the construction of lower parts of the tanks were hidden behind other buildings ... but one day there they were! Giant grey cylinders!
Following the completion of the construction the painting began. That was the interesting part for me! Two men, perched on the end of a huge cherry picker, with very long handled paint rollers seemed to have nearly completed the task.  Today as I drove home (see the last photo) I watched fascinated as the man with the very long handle ... at the end of the cherry picker ... extended as far as it seemed it might go ... closed up the remaining grey spot!  Others remain to be painted but the one closest to the road gleams beautifully white ... the painter's work on display!  Good job guys!
Several of the storage tanks nearing completion
Two painters working feverishly when the sun shines!
Turning the last little grey space to white!

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  1. Well, the men really did a great job constructing the water storage tank, considering you didn’t even notice them working! Anyway, what is the storage tank used for? If it’s chemical or oil, then you should check out if it’s following proper rules and regulation when it comes to storing that kind of liquid to prevent safety hazards.