Sunday, January 27, 2013

As if by magic!

The word magic, or magical, seems to come easily into my vocabulary of late.  I find myself entranced by small and large images that to me appear magical.  It might be a never imagined image of an iceberg in Antarctica, that caught my eye on the internet one day ...
(,  or the tiny yellow announcement in my garden today heralding the opening of the Chinese Witch Hazel blossoms. Nubby little brown buds give way to tiny flecks of yellow. Brought inside and placed in a tiny vase of water ... the yellow ribbons appear, followed quickly by the amazing fragrance now permeating my studio.  I no longer have a huge lens with which to capture those super detailed images ... so my efforts to herald the thought that spring can't be too far away, will have to suffice.

Earlier this morning ... just the hint of what will appear was enough to excite me.

Like microscopic ribbons the yellow tendrils unfold.

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