Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ah-Ha it's really Dead Feminist Broadsides!

Tacoma is a city with a plethora of amazingly talented young artists: they keep turning up all over the place. (Of course we also have wonderful middle aged and older artists.) My latest exposure to our local talent was at the Pierce Country Library in Gig Harbor earlier this week when the pictured
(Jessica Spring ( left) and Chandler O'Leary)  "unveiled" the latest in their series of Dead Feminist broadsides and discussed their process.

For information about the project in depth please go to ... 

The latest in this series is called Drill Baby, Drill - a now well known phrase uttered across the airwaves in recent times which has taken on new meaning with the horrendous, gushing, exploded oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.  This broadside is their Chandler and Jessica's response to this international tragedy - the effects of which may not be truly known for years.

An enormous amount of research goes into each one of these productions and these two young women deserve kudos for their intention as well as for the work itself.  Congratulations to the "Ladies of the Pencil, Pen and Press"!

By the way a broadside was what we usually call a poster today: but it was, in the past, the way information was disseminated to the masses.  I like best the definition from Wikipedia ... and it's reference to the use of a broadside to publish a musical ballad.  The Dead Feminist piece you'll have to read about at Anagram Press.

"A broadside is a single sheet of cheap paper printed on one side, often with a ballad, rhyme, news and sometimes with woodcut illustrations. They were one of the most common forms of printed material between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, particularly in Britain, Ireland and North America and are often associated with one of the most important forms of traditional music from these countries, the ballad." (Wikipedia)

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