Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sailing through a rainbow

Each Wednesday evening in Spring and Summer a local sailing group, the Corinthian Yacht Club, heads out for a race.  Watching from our home we see boats juggling for the perfect starting point and at 7pm the starting gun sounds and off they go.  Sometimes - they go nowhere: not a breath of wind can they find and at other times it appears to be one point above a fire drill as furious winds blow, the boats maneuver to avoid each other - all in an effort to be first across the line.  
On a recent Wednesday we watched a storm come racing across Puget Sound and the sailors grab for foul weather gear.  Heavy wind and rain blew them around and more than one had some sail in the water.
And then ...  a rainbow, brilliant against the grey background, divided the sky.  The sailors gathered in their lines, reorganized and sailed on. Shortly thereafter a second rainbow appeared. What an amazing sight:  white sails against a monochrome sky with rainbow hues for contrast.

A lone, small, boat sailed towards us and as we watched it sailed straight "through" the rainbow.  We wondered  aloud - is one changed by sailing through a rainbow?  If yes - how are you different? What do you see?  Could you take a photo of yourself as you sailed through the rainbow? What of the pot of gold?  We were left to wonder.

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