Monday, January 4, 2010

In the very early hours of a December 2009 morning

Sometime in the very, very early pre-dawn hours ... wandering in an insomniacal (is there such a word?) manner around the house ... I looked out the window toward Mt. Rainier and registered that the lights, from the ships and the Port of Tacoma, were nothing short of magical the way they were playing across the surface of the water. The patterns of wind across the water made unusual shapes and designs from the reflected lights of the ports and ships anchored out in the ways. What I wanted was to be able to sleep, but the urge to record this brilliant scene was too much! It was spectacular - I wanted to share that view.


  1. You should be a professional photographer!

  2. Thank you --- This picture gives me one more reminder of the spacial magic of living in 98422 USA.
    -- Michael