Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Turquoise Moment of the day

My Dutch friend Agniet and I found out, when we met in Italy for a vacation, that we are both intrigued by what she calls the blue moment and what I always refer to as "that turquoise moment". The Hawaiian Islands have their green flash ... a sight many have seen at that very moment when the sun dips below the horizon.
But for both Agniet and me - it is this amazing, incredibly clear blue which can there and then gone as quickly as you see it ... that holds us
: it comes just before dark. I am left in awe each time I am fortunate enough to witness it: a sacred moment for sure. If you haven't witnessed this phenomenon ... look particularly toward the west on a day when the sky is very clear, after the sun is well set and just before dark. This image I took looking SW across Puget Sound from our home.  
You can see Agniet's wonderful works on her website:

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