Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The morning's shadows at the end of my garden.

Unexpected Morning surprises .... Long Shadows
For as long as we have lived in this beautiful place people have said " I bet you get bored looking at the mountain and don't think to look at the view for days on end" ... or ... "Do you really check it out every morning?"  No we never are bored by looking to see "if the mountain is out" and yes we really do check each morning.
Today it initially appeared that we were going to have a "no mountain this morning" event.  We were wrong.  Slowly the clouds lifted and a tinge of gold followed along the crest of the Cascade Foothills. A brief flash of the rising sun was followed by the sun climbing up behind the heavy cloud cover: but not before highlighting, by long shadows,  the trees along the edge of the hillside and then making a shadow of the mountain top all the way across the bay!  Sure we have seen shadows before but we cannot recall ever seeing a shadow of the trees or of the mountain of this magnitude. What a surprise at the end of my garden!

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