Sunday, December 18, 2011

Should you post "pretty pictures"?

I have the privilege of living in a very beautiful area, with a very spectacular view from my home, and the surrounding area as well. Looking at stunning images in various publications, or in one of the many online photo storage and display sites, it's easy to think that unless you "fix" or embellish a photograph and make it "perfect' or extraordinary ( in whose eyes is always my question)  ... it should just be left in your computer photo book, or your personal photo album. Who cares? Should you even bother to put "pretty pictures" in a blog for goodness sakes! But I choose to do so, for now.
Looking at the westerly facing end of my garden this afternoon I watched a stunning sunset image develop before my eyes. I'll just look, I thought, no need to try and capture it.  But ultimately I couldn't resist.  And as so often is the case ... this was the light one minute and less than a minute later ... it was gone. A fleeting, stunning end to what had been a bleak, grey, rainy  day.

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